the end
desire, i release you
thought soup, I observe you, detached
5 is the heart
4th wall, a half-silvered mirror
3rd person view
2morrow, the thought, is let go
1 (all seen as, by)

    x–Max wishlist  
+ digitakt by elektron · sampler,  drum machine.
link to (can probably get the price down to 5555kr.) An alternative is money towards one ☻

+ bike

+ sweater size 3XL

+ tshirt size 3XL 

+ tshirt size 2XL

+ tshirt size 2XL

+ knife
either a functional wood carving knife (with shorter blade), an all round folding knife or just a trusty all round knife. 

Theo has good taste in knives
(no leather please)

+ posca markers (any of these colors: orange, gray, red, black, purple, green, yellow, brown)

+ colored pencils

+ soft insoles for shoes/ heel cushioning (sore foot soles and heels lately)



h a  p p y      y u l e t i d e

Maximillian Paiewonsky
graphic design and illustration

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